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M. Pazhutan (born 1974) is a composer, sound designer, instrumentalist, author, and educator. Pazhutan is active as a composer and sound-artist since 1991. He has recorded hundreds of electronic and digital compositions and has made sound-installations for art galleries.
Pazhutan is also an instructor and a lecturer. He has been teaching different topics of music and audio arts for more than ten years. His system of music education consists of twelve different courses integrated as the "MP's Art-Music Enterprise" and is in operation in "Atelier of Electronic Audio Arts".

| v H+ |

H. Haq Pazhutan (born 1983) is a sound artist, composer, music tutor, percussionist and vocalist. Beside the contributions to Liqui syn Dememnia, Artzimuth , MP|vH+ and other projects, she has her own projects "Wind8" and "Vent aitcH Plus". She designed Musique8 course for teaching music to children. Musique8 system is a high tech method of music education, using the most advanced computer software, toys, media and movies to find the best ways of training for each individual.

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